General Overview:

Y|P|P Co. specializes in sourcing, supplying and marketing of Services, Engineering Industrial Products & Chemicals for Oil & Gas Industries with a focus on Drilling Equipment and also Drilling Services. Our global network especially in China, South East Asia, Far East, Middle East and Europe enables us to supply the highest quality products and services with lowest price and shortest delivery from all over the world. Our expertise and relationships in Iran market strengthen us to sell our products and services to big end users. Y|P|P Co.'s close connection with major reputable oil and gas end users specially NIOC (National Iranian Oil Company) subsidiaries has enabled us to supply drilling equipments through direct deals with them and develop the market for many types of products in Iran.

Our History:

Y|P|P Co.'s activities during the past 5 years leaded us to successful settlement of our situation in the market, making good relationship with the customers and satisfactory accomplishment of various supply contracts of drilling equipments with reputable aforementioned end users through direct contracts with them. Also developing our supply network helps us to make good relations with reputable manufacturers and traders.

Now we as formal sales representative and after sales service center of SJ Petroleum Machinery Co. SINOPEC (one of the biggest drilling equipment manufacturers in China) are active in the Iran market and provide not only after sales service for 5 Drilling Rigs and 17 Pump Trucks of SJ Petro that are working in Iran but also sales services of a wide range of SJ Petro products.

In 2015 we also started our activity as the exclusive representative of Jiangsu Chengde Steel Tube Share Co.,Ltd. (one of the biggest mills and pipe manufacturers in China) in Iran market.

For our plan in next year, we are going to be a trustable and specialized service centers and technical support centers in the Persian Gulf area.


Our Vision and New Horizon:

Considering the new horizon created by lifting the sanctions on Iran Oil and Gas Industries together with our knowledge, experiences and relationships, we are going to expand our activities and start new businesses especially in the supply of new kinds of drilling equipments and related services. We at Y|P|P Co. with rely on our teams knowledge and specialties, hope to start new big projects in Oil & Gas field especially in Drilling services jointly with reputable international companies that they are possess to the modernist technologies.

Based on this situation and new decisions this company started negotiations and to provide required bases for LWD/MWD and also Directional Drilling services and other services are evaluation of other services are in our plan.